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Dog Days

Miguel, Orientation Leader

Miguel Perez

What's up everyone! My name is Miguel and I am a second year majoring in Agriculture Education here at Fresno State. Not being a native from the valley, I'm excited to explore the nearby national parks and warm weather. In my free time I enjoy being outdoors, getting frozen yogurt, and driving while listening to music. Hope to meet some of y’all soon!


Should you have questions during the course of your Dog Days Orientation you can email me at or connect with me on the NearPeer website or app.


The schedule below has the links to all of your meetings during your Virtual Dog Day. If you miss any of the mandatory meetings you will not be able to register for classes and will be rescheduled to redo your Dog Days Orientation on a later date. You can get more detailed descriptions of all the meetings on the Fresno State smartphone app. Just click on Dog Days.

11:00 - 11:30am - Orientation Leader Meeting (mandatory)

Meeting ID: 970 4697 9350 Passcode: CValley21


11:30 - 12:30pm - Lunch and Learn Workshops (optional)

Meeting ID: 835 7930 3942 Passcode: 150291


Offices such as Student Housing, the Learning Center, Study Abroad, the Kennel Bookstore, and the Career Development Center will all have a virtual table during the lunch hour. In addition to all the various offices on campus there will be student clubs and organizations who will have virtual workshops as well. Clubs and organizations such as Women's Rugby, the German Club, Alpha Pi Sigma, the CAFE club, and the SISTEM club will be present.


12:30 - 2:30pm - Academic Advising (mandatory) - Lyles College of Engineering


2:30 - 3:30pm - Major Advising (mandatory) - SELECT YOUR MAJOR BELOW

     Architechtural Studies and Construction Management ID: 889 3953 6187 Passcode: 913062



3:30pm - Class Registration Assistance (optional)

ID: 828 5867 5999 Passcode: 069726


3:00 - 4:45pm - One-on-one with Orientation Leaders (optional)

ID: 828 5867 5999 Passcode: 069726


5:30 - 7:00pm - Family Orientation (optional)

ID: 836 6691 7000 Passcode: 421560



     The BARK Book is the new student handbook for incoming Fresno State students. It contains information such as important dates, Early Start and Catalog Rights requirements, Advising Centers, and the information about departments on campus. There is a lot of information in the BARK Book and since it is digital this year it has links to many departments and offices across campus. 


GE Sheet

     Form with General Education Requirements


     Canvas is the virtual component for the various classes on campus. In addition to using Canvas for your classes, Dog Days will add you to a special Canvas course to access the various flyers, handouts, and materials that you'll be using after Dog Days. 

     If you are a freshman you will be added to the MentorU Canvas page. MentorU is the freshman mentoring program within the Office of New Student and Famiyl Programs. 

     If you are a transfer student you will be added to the Transfer Success Center Canvas page.

Online Pre-Orientation

     The Dog Days Online Pre-Orientation will help you learn about the campus and the various policies that you will be responsible for knowing. The pre-orientation will also have a section regarding class registration to assist you register for classes during Dog Days.