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Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Organizational Chart

DOSAEM Organizational Chart



Kent L. Willis, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

  • Dannielle Rodriguez, Executive Assistant to Vice President
  • David Hembree and Katie Adamo Bewarder, Directors, Development
  • Caroline Alvarez, President, Associated Students, Inc. (ASI)
    - James D. Martinez, Director, Associated Students, Inc.


Phong Yang
Director, Admissions and Recruitment

  • Rick Chacon, Assistant Director, Recruitment
  • Kimberly Self, Associate Director, Admissions
     - Maribel Olea, Coordinator, Freshmen Admissions
     - Alexis Castro, Interim Senior, Transfer Admissions Advisor
     - Esmeralda Ramirez, Assistant Director,  Imaging   

Laura Yager

  • Isela Reza-Rogers, Lead Assistant Registrar of Systems
  • Jenny Diaz, Associate Registrar
    - Sam Porraz, Interim Assistant Registrar, Degree Audit
    - Estella Gonzalez, Undergraduate Degree, Evaluations
  • Robert Medina, Assistant Registrar, Academic Records
  • Robyn Gutierrez,  Program Coordinator,  Veterans Resource Center
  • Mariana Yepez, Assistant Registrar, Student Services Center

Kelly Russell
Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships

Martina Granados
Director, Outreach and Special Programs


James D. Martinez
Director, Associated Students, Inc. (ASI)

About ASI

Amy Allen
Interim Associate Dean, Student Involvement

  • Mehrzad Zarrin, Associate Director, Union Facilities and Operations
  • Amy Allen, Associate Director, Student Involvement
    - Vacant, Coordinator, Fraternity and Sorority Life/Inclusive Leadership
    - Eddie Dominguez, Coordinator, Student Organizations, Club Sports, and
       Leadership Development
    - Shawna Blair, Coordinator, Major Events and Staff Development
    - Anyssa Garza, Coordinator, Events, Programs, and Leadership Development
    - Jerry Gomez, Coordinator, Off-Campus Student Life and Innovation

Tanis Matlock
Director, Student Rights and Responsibilities

Shimel Her Saychou
Director, Cross Cultural and Gender Center

  • Kathy Moua, Interim Assistant Coordinator, Cross Cultural Programs - Asian Pacific Islander/Native American Focus
  • Vacant, Coordinator, Cross Cultural Programs - Gender and LGBTQ+
  • Vacant, Assistant Coordinator, Cross Cultural Programs - African American/Leadership Development Focus
  • Brenda Villalobos, Interim Assistant Coordinator, Cross Cultural Programs - Latino/a Focus

Jeanette Johnson
Director, Services for Students with Disabilities

Derek Walters
Director, Rec, Sports and Fitness

  • Micolette Peña, Supervisor, Operations
  • Lerin Winchester, Manager, Recreation Programs


Marisa Mata
Coordinator, Communications and Media


Robert Mitchell, M.D.
Director, Medical Services

Malia Sherman
Director, Counseling and Psychological Services

  • Rebecca Raya-Fernandez, Coordinator, Counseling Trainee Program
  • Zenaida Cruz, Clinical Coordinator
  • Diana Karageozian, Lead Clinical Case Manager 

Alicia Nelson
Director, Wellness Services


Amye Leon
Assistant Vice President,  Advising Services

Ger Xiong
Director, Student Support Services Programs/Student Support Services Veterans Program

About TRIO Student Support Services Program
About TRIO Student Support Services Veterans Program

Ofelia Gamez
Director, College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)

About CAMP

Mary Willis
Director, Career Development Center

Ruby Sangha-Rico
Director, Learning Center

Mui Vuong
Director, Educational Opportunity Program